Mixed Nuts 3: Mythical

Last night, we were treated with the guidance of Agents M – James Tomasi & M – Onetoto Ikavuka to promenade performances at Mangere Arts Centre.

LIMA Productions latest work, Mixed Nuts 3: Mythical takes its inspiration from various reworkings of Pacific myths, deities and figures and embodying them through dance, physical theatre and music.

The result is a series of wonderful vignettes, set in and around the theatre and interesting nooks and crannies that make up Mangere Arts Centre.

Standout performances were Nafanua’s Servants Michael Falesiu & Paula Uvea with their delightful and outlandish flitring and Hotness with Amanaki Prescott-Faletau and Darren Taniue, whose take on adultery almost made it seem venial.

We were also treated to a tantalising snippet of a new work with Gerry Murphy, Saipele Maika, Paulo Mohenoa, Tevita Vaka, Hanz Jackson and Rosalind Tui.

One more show tomorrow at 1.30pm so please pull out your notebooks and sunglasses to book here.

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