We must be seen = I ♥ Alice ♥ I

We were smiling from ear to ear for an hour, which we can assure you, is incredibly hard on those facial muscles. Lucky too that we brought tissues or really, we just snorted our snot back in.

Pros of going to see the exquisite  I ♥ Alice ♥ I  from HotForTheatre that premiered last night at the Auckland Arts Festival:

  • True story
  •  Moving
  •  Makes one cry and laugh in equal amounts and then some
  •  Fantastic, charismatic and understated performances from writer/director Amy Conroy and Clare Barrett.

Eat your heart out















  • Cons: You are an eejit.

This beautiful show is only on for THREE more nights, including tonight. 8pm start tonight with forum afterwards and 5pm performances on Saturday and Sunday and closing on Monday at 8pm at Q Loft. Click here to book now!

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