Goodbye My Feleni

Tonight we were moved by a wonderful new play called, “Goodbye My Feleni” by DF Mamea and produced by Hekama Creative, currently playing at the Basement Theatre.

Feleni cast and directors, Amelia on the far left and Shadon on the far right

The performances, direction, singing and most importantly, stories which inform and fold into this work, remind us of the joys, passion and sacrifices that these Pacific Islander soldiers made for their descendants now.

The season is on for two more nights at the Basement which is selling out quick.

The cast have also been invited by Auckland Museum to perform as part of the ANZAC day commemorations this Thursday afternoon at 12.15pm in the Atrium.

Goodbye My Feleni gave us plenty to think about this Anzac Day.

Let it do the same for you.

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