To Mangere Bridge with ♥

The last time we used this wonderful ♥ was when we were in Hackney last March.

This afternoon, we rode to Mangere Bridge from town to check out the “new” bridge’s walking and cycle path. It’s only been there 3 years now but we recently discovered it and were keen to get out of town.

Through regular downpours and moments of sunshine, we left the CBD to ride to and through an intriguing and colourful bridge. We say colourful because who needs murals when you’ve got vandals to tag the bridge for you. Also, all the fluorescent lights have been ripped out. Another sad thing is that we were there for over an hour and were the only people to use it that whole time. (Sorry if you wanted to use and thought we were stalking you!)

Please start using this pathway!!!

We think it’s an absolute shame because the bridge provides a beautiful and scenic ride with two bays. It even has seating in the middle of the bridge, where you can catch your breath, view the harbour and have lunch. The obvious benefit is that the entire trip is sheltered so if you get “varying” Auckland weather, you’re able to enjoy it and watch it as you walk or ride.

Welcome to Mangere

The green graffiti is above one of the bays.

We’re interested to hear from you whether you’ve ever used this cycleway and if so, when and why so please answer our humble poll below.

If you answered NO or NEVER HEARD OF IT BEFORE, why not give the bridge a go? It’s a different way to head south.

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