Last night, we enjoyed our first live Ionesco play, a morally ambiguous and deeply insightful work called, “Rhinoceros” at Mangere Arts Centre.

Performed vigorously and with confidence, the Diploma 2 (D2) students from the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts (PIPA) gave us an opportunity to see this famous and relatively obscure text, here in Niu Zeeland.

Adroitly directed by Ben Crowder, we were especially blown away by the cross-gender cast lead, Malia ‘Ahovelo, as the everyman Berenger and the clever set design by Grant Hall.

Despite ourselves and the text, we also wondered where we could land ourselves our own fake rhinoceros head, as in the play.

Head to Mangere Arts Centre tonight to get yourself one of these (pen is optional)

and enjoy the final performance at 7pm.

One thought on “Rhinoceros”

  1. Fabulous show! The PIPA team did a great job of bringing this story to life. Including the fake rhino heads 🙂

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