Performing the Margins by Louise Tu’u

We are off to Christchurch next Friday, courtesy of the wonderful people at the Physics Room, to launch our director, Louise Tu’u’s latest book, “Performing the Margins”.

Designed by the fantastic Amy Yalland of INDEX and generously supported by the Chartwell Collection, this book weaves four Samoan concepts; fa’alavelave (trouble), fiapoto (‘smart alec’), fa’amatala or matala (to open/explain) and faitatala (to gossip) to discuss “An Anthem of Hope, a show that Tu’u made at the Physics Room in October 2013.

Thank you very much to Katerina Teaiwa, Jamie Hanton and Albert L Refiti for your reviews of the book.

If you would like to order a copy, priced at $50 NZD excluding postage and packaging, please email Louise: for more details.

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