Reviews for “Performing the Margins: An Anthem of Hope”

If you haven’t bought a copy yet of our director, Louise Tu’u’s “Performing the Margins: An Anthem of Hope”, check out these reviews by people in the know.

Associate Professor Katerina Teaiwa from Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific indites that, “Louise Tu’u deftly weaves image, text, process and reflexive performance into a compelling and deliberately partial montage of artistic hope from the margins.”

Current Physics Room Director Jamie Hanton shares that, “By foregrounding relational ways of being against the more formal rituals of the academy, Tu’u suggests that institutions are personal entities with myriad voices that are capable of, and responsible for, enacting a determined vocal agency.”

Senior Lecturer in Spatial Design at Auckland University of Technology, Albert L Refiti muses that “After reading the book I wish I was there to enjoy the spectacle, but then again, a spectacle is only ever the after image of fa’alavelave since it is the moment that one realises that debt and exchange is a neverending cycle in the play of expectations.”

The experts have spoken.
Buy a copy today!

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