Brainstorm for a pre-paid hour with Louise Tu’u!

Struggling with ideas for a new project? Need to talk to someone within and outside of your industry for nuggets of gold? Want someone to help activate your business virtually for 60 minutes?

Our director, Louise Tu’u, is offering her brain for you to pick for an pre-paid hour, starting at $300 NZD to help you do all of these things. She will give you her energy and time to help you brainstorm. All sessions are done online via Zoom.

You can pick my brain image
By the way, today’s beautiful image comes from this cup, which we bought from the inimitable Eryn Amel. You can support her bold and brilliant writings by buying this and more of her awesome merchandise:

With almost twenty years of professional experience in the arts, Louise is quick on her feet and has started and COMPLETED hundreds of creative projects in different countries, which involves the following skills:

-generating ideas

-committing to and following through with a project

-working closely and remotely with other partners

-providing written, verbal and live reports and debriefs

-discreet and honest

Louise Tu’u has the skills and experience to stretch, share and expand on what YOU already bring to the table so book your hour with her here:

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