Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are We Should Practice?

We Should Practice is run by director, Louise Tu’u. She is an experienced actor, writer and producer in theatre & film and now is making screen content. She started this site in 2009, chronicling her and other artistic endeavours in Aotearoa New Zealand, the UK, Germany and the US.

Since 2022, this website is dedicated to her practice of creative accountability, where she helps fellow creatives with unfinished projects, complete them with integrity.

What kind of project can Louise help me with?

Louise can hold you accountable to finish your book, novel, first draft or final one of your short or feature film, poem and/or poetry collection. She also has similar skills to help guide your ideation/brain storming for new works for the future.

If you want to finish your creative projects or brainstorm creative ideas for you, here’s how you can work with Louise.

Is this work free?

No and we don’t do cups of tea and cookies of payment as well.

Book here for an Explore Hour to discuss with Louise what your unfinished project is and how to finish it.

Where can I see Louise’s work?

It’s peppered throughout this entire website.

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