Fofo Twins @ Offstage 2, Galatos

We Should Practice present “The Fofo Twins”, part of a new work on Friday 26th March, starting at 7pm at Galatos. It’s part of a performance and moving image evening, organised by Tautai Trust , where performance pieces are 10 minutes and moving images 5 minutes long. This means variety and exposure to lots of different individuals and groups.

Entry is by gold coin donation so please come and invite everyone you know. 

2 thoughts on “Fofo Twins @ Offstage 2, Galatos”

  1. enjoyed the piece- a bit of a sensory overload on my part (it’s in Samoan! with music!! and pictures!!!) but compelling to watch nonetheless.

    i look forward to more. no pressure or anything.

    1. Malo David

      Thanks for coming to support. Your feedback is very much appreciated – cheers. Will keep fleshing it out and as they say, watch this space.


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