Help make Providence accessible

It’s a hard thing, making a show, especially a new one. We at We Should Practice are not giving away free tickets to Providence, which is unusual as this is normal practice in the theatre, mainly to make the theatre look busy. Giving these tickets away diminishes the value of our hard work as theatre practitioners that we are providing a service to make this local and relevant work. Therefore, we also want to encourage this value of the performers and crew by asking people to buy a ticket.

We also want homeless people to come and directly access the show, which is inspired by them.  Because of the unique circumstances that homeless people have, the cost of a ticket here is either $16.50 or $22 (including booking fees) is not a possibility for them. Over the course of developing this work for nearly three years, we have involved homeless people with their experiences by directly consulting with them, sleeping rough and spending time at a night shelter in inner-city Auckland, as well as presenting a workshopped presentation of the work last August to an exclusively homeless audience. This is why we are asking YOU to sponsor tickets for homeless people to come to our show.
It is up to you how many full price tickets ($22 each) or concession ($16.50) you can sponsor. Any amount is a worthy contribution to the work.  We will be extremely grateful and excited that you will support this artistic and socially inclusive initiative.

The tickets will then be distributed through Lifewise:, whose workers know their homeless clients personally and will be able to gauge who would come to the show.
In return for your altruism, we will proudly display your name or company logo on our website and show programmes, as well as publicly acknowledge your support and assistance in our public forum with leading academics, social workers, theatre practitioners, discussing the play and its themes. This happens on Friday 22nd October 12-1pm at the Basement Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland Central. This forum is free to the general public and you are of course, more than welcome to attend.

If you would like to purchase a ticket for a homeless person, please buy a ticket normally through the iticketexpress link. Then let us know by emailing us at that your ticket is a donation. Your gift ensures that someone who wouldn’t get to see the work has a chance so we thank you in advance.

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