Reader meet author

Congratulations to Louise Tu’u (blue coat in the middle)

director of We Should Practice.

She is the first New Zealander to be invited as part of the inaugural International Connections programme to the 5th decibel Performing Arts Showcase in Manchester earlier this month.

Amongst connecting with many wonderful people/ambitious outsiders, taking in many snippets of theatre, music and dance work in various stages of progress, Louise was able to hang out with the fellow delegates, some of whom are pictured here.

L-R in brown, Leroy Moore and Monique Martin from the USA, Percy Yip Tong from Mauritius, Anjum Kaytal from India (Certain people I know obscuring her beautiful face), Sabrina Smith-Noble from Visiting Arts, Sasha Dees from Holland and the USA and Wang Chong from China.

Thank you Arts Council England and Visiting Arts for the invitation and all of the delegates who all made decibel amazing. The last of the famous international playboys.

Apologies for the Morrisey references. This is his hometown, with he and Louise, sharing the same birthday.

At the end of the showcase, we came across another cultural and local entity. Check it out below. I’ve changed my plea to guilty.

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