You don’t even need a bicycle!

Last Friday evening, we attended the first Central Beginner Bike sessions for Adults at Parnell District School. It’s been awhile since we’ve graced a bicycle so when we saw the ad in the Auckland City Harbour News, saying they were on and for FREE, we rang up straight away and booked.

It’s all part of a new initiative that Auckland Transport, the division of Auckland City that strategises about how we get around the city, is implementing to encourage and educate people to start riding their bikes. We had a great time, learning how to put on a helmet properly, revising gear changes, practising riding skills like signalling, exercising bike control, looking backwards while riding and testing out other bicycles like hybrid and those flush city versions with only one brake. If you don’t have a bike, these sessions are great as bikes and helmets are provided.

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, these sessions are the best place to learn.

February is filled with these sessions, ready for your booking in the North, Central, West and South of the city so please check out this website:

Big thanks to Mayur, the Central Walking and Cycling Coordinator and Adrienne and Eddie from Bigfoot who led the sessions with skill and encouragement, as well as providing the bikes and helmets.

And a MASSIVE thank you to the wonderful anonymous cyclist who helped pump our tyres on Grafton Bridge, which enabled us to make the session in the first place!

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