Docendo discimus – we learn by teaching

“I love the feeling there´s much more knowledge to access. I understood that all the little details count. Thank you Louise”

– Anne-Sophie Adelys, artist and curator

Our in loco artistis workshops, run by our director, Louise Tu´u, were a huge success as shown in Anne-Sophie´s feedback.

Let´s face it, it´s so much more interesting when other people spread the word with their own experiences.

Thank you to the wonderful participants whose own vast knowledge, humour and energy made sure the knowledge was being shared and used.

“What I liked best was that I was being guided by someone who knows her shit and that´s important. Louise is an excellent teacher.”

– Amber Pearson, artist

Look out for the next workshops notice next month.

And yes, we love Latin. We thank the wonderful late Adelaide Barlow for that.

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