A tsunami of emotion

Our first encounter of what a tsunami or tidal wave is was through the back of the old Yellow Pages. Civil Defence had a few dedicated pages, focussing readers on what to expect, how to prepare for and what to do if a natural disaster was to occur.

This was the 1980s and the bold vivid curves of black ink on yellow paper seemed to make the images jump right off the page. Indeed, the message remains the same.

On Saturday afternoon, we attended a fictionalised telling of a mother´s pain of losing her son in a tsunami in Goretti Chadwick´s Galulolo, who also directed,  acting tutelage from Anapela Polataivao and lighting and set design by Sean Coyle at Mangere Arts Centre.

Nature in all it´s wonder, narated by and in the form of birds, it´s destructive omnipotence with the tsunami compared with the disintegation of a family in its own tidal wave of secrets and lies were at the heart of this devastating piece.

Congratulations to the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts Diploma class, Goretti, Anapela, Sean and PIPA staff  who undertook this highly wrought work, and brought it to life, death and the other side.

We´ve never seen our parents engage and talk back to the performers with so much ease and laughter.

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