Bowled Over

We’ve just had a blast of a weekend, performing with the lovely Marvellous group from Auckland Theatre Company (ATC) who performed in Kathryn Burnett’s witty comedy, Bowled Over and naughtily drected by Ben Crowder.

This show was one of many treats from ATC’s collaboration with an equal in length acronymed AUT (Auckland University of Technology) in association with the Auckland Arts Festival for the AUT Dominion Road Stories.

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Thank you Les, Marianne, Derrick, Rex, Vincent, Kerry, Amo, Ben, Virginia, Harry, Whetu, Renee, Courtney, Ferooz, Heather, Rosalie, Joyce, Kerr, Ora, Kevin, Patricia, Kathy, Yvette, Karen, Robin, Ellen and to Lynne Cardy who invited us to the marvellous madness.

Here’s a slice of quiet times between shows…

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