Tumeke Cycle Space tumeke

We are keen to use our bikes more so we headed today to Tumeke Cycle Space, a non-profit, community-run, DIWO (do it with others) bicycle workshop in Auckland.

It’s a place where people can fix, build, and learn about bikes in a safe and inclusive environment.

Tumeke was very busy in the time we were there, with a wide cross-section of people, coming in to learn more about how to fix their own bikes. This philosophy is right up our alley.

We love this bike!

We had a blast, even though our bikes took longer than expected. But now we know how to take them apart should we have a flat tire, cable tension for gears, etc.

We were lucky to have Alex, the bike whisperer, who attended to our wheels and sorted us out.





They are open every Sunday from 11am-3pm at 27 Edinburgh St in Newton. So head down Edinburgh, PIC Newton is on your left and turn right. Tumeke is just there on your left.

They always need volunteers who can help peeps with their bikes and a whole bunch of other useful stuff so head there and check them out this week!


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