A trienniale and a tipple or two

Tonight, we ventured to three exhibition openings: the first at Ferari in Grey Lynn, the second at Starkwhite and the third at Artspace.

The view from the Rendells Building on Karangahape Road in 1913
‘Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 1-W1569’

John Ward Knox‘s “Love Among Ruins” captivated us as an ever disappearing assemblage of portable and legible items lay in the middle of Ferari.

Botborg‘s live performance took us back to the 90s with these self-proclaimed “equal parts techno-boffins and psychic explorers”,  increasing volumes and pitch with scrambling visuals sent a handful of the audience outside Starkwhite.

Leaning against a wall in Artspace’s main room, we watched the bustle of an engaged crowd, two hours after the opening. It was only when we stepped forward did we notice the subtle play of scale of Lilo‘s roof with her property’s fence and its many attempted repairs, all made up of hundreds of digitally printed 5 x 7″ prints. Another striking component is the work’s placement in the space, seeing it placed around the gallery’s main entrance.

The works on show stimulated a lot of conversation, interest and most importantly, attendance. In our journeys to, from and within the shows, we witnessed, spoke to and chatted with a wide cross-section of art peeps and their  social milieux, which is exciting and what we reckon this triennale is all about: sharing the love.

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