Belief: A re-creation this Saturday night!

Belief panel

In an age of such turmoil and conflict, what do you still believe in?

Belief recreates a panel discussion, held in New York-based artists, Alison Knowles (Fluxus), Lenora Champagne (Performance artist, playwright, director), Gregory Whitehead (Writer, radio maker and audio artist) and George Quasha (Artist, poet and musician) in 2012 to celebrate the 100th issue of PAJ (Performance Art Journal).

With the support of Bonnie Maranca, Belief: A Re-creation is presented by Margaret Blay, Sean Curham, Joseph Harper, Tru Paraha and our director, Louise Tu’u.

The auteur behind this project is Sean Curham, a great thinker, all-round good guy and quiet man who gets on with it.

Is the question of Belief relevant to our New Zealand context? Only one way to find out.

Come join us for:

The friendly version 1

Saturday 3rd August, 7.30pm at the Old Folks Hall, 8 Gundry St, Newton and

The awkward version 2

Sunday 11th August, 7.30pm at Old Folks Hall as well.

Both events are FREE! See you there.

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