Your Choice is to GO

Last night, we thoroughly enjoyed the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts (PIPA) Diploma 1 students’ show, YOUR CHOICE at the PIPA headquarters in Avondale.

Students’ choreography was top-notch, with electric work from Lyncia Muller and Gabriel Halatoa, through to the raunchy Love & Hate from Pasepa Hala and Tofifailauga Misa.

The group works were standout with Cathy Livermore’s, HUH? Really?, showcasing the global issues through narcissism and culture and Tupua Tigafua’s, Who’s Been Drinking in the Carpark? (We know, the titles are pumping!), dazzling us with a strong chorus of bodies, particularly of Pacific women.

The work reminded us of this classic

There are three more shows, tonight, Friday and Saturday night at 8pm sharp. $5 for great work. What more could you ask? Book by ringing (09) 8250140 ext 7600.


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