Screenshot opening Saturday 22 March at 10.30am!

Next week, the latest work from our director, Louise Tu’u, titled Screenshot, opens as part of a group exhibition called Carpet Burn at Papakura Art Gallery.

The making of an artistCurated by Anya Henis and Rebecca Boswell and featuring Eddie Clemens, Charlotte Drayton, Richard Frater, David Hofer, Christopher L G Hill & Joshua Petherick, Alex Vivian, Ashlin Francis Raymond, Phoenix Puleanga, Rebecca Ann Hobbs and Samson Vaotuua, Carpet Burn seeks to explore the way narratives of nostalgia and optimism are found, stored and created in the objects, spaces and sites we consume or experience.

Artists have been asked to respond to the idea that the present can be viewed through a history of affect.

Screenshot requires your active participation at the opening next Saturday 22 March at 10.30am so we warmly invite you to drop into Papakura Art Gallery during the week to enlist yourself.

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