Thank you Camille Le Noël – our second breakthrough!

Yesterday arvo, our director Louise Tu’u gave an artist talk with Tracey Williams at Papakura Gallery about her latest work, Screenshot.

Our wonderful audience were made up of fellow Carpet Burn exhibiting artist, Eddie Clemens, Alice Tyler and Sam Hartnett from Gus Fisher Gallery, Louise’s awesome parents, Lafitaga and Sale, Olivia Taouma who is Arts and Culture Programming Leader from Auckland Council and the lively drama class from Papakura High School with their classy teacher, Catherine Chalklen.

Great smile Kisa in the front row!

Needless to say, they all wanted to test Louise’s work for themselves. Camille Le Noël was the lucky name drawn.









Let’s just say, she totally pulled it off!

Way to go Camille!


Thank you awesome people for coming and sharing your ideas at the talk. Much appreciated x



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