Hearty congratulations to our director, Louise Tu’u, who was recently been selected to take part in Enjoy Gallery’s curatorial workshops, which took place last Thursday evening, led by fellow curator Henry Davidson. Davidson was the 2013-2014 Curatorial Intern in Contemporary Art at Dunedin Public Art Gallery and recently joined Auckland’s Gloria Knight as a Co-Director.

This proved to be a very engaging session, led by Davidson who shared his knowledge and enthusiasm of what ‘the social’ might mean for artists and audiences who are engaged in the production and consumption of emergent media and who are often said to be working in a context that is ‘post internet’. Below is an example of work from artist collective, PB PR.


This was also a great opportunity to meet with new peeps, including Noelia Portela, Pauline Autet & Catherine Hunt from Elbowroom Gallery, Georgina Watson, James Tapsell-Kururangi, Louise Rutledge, Kemi & Niko, Victoria Singh, Millie Singh and Zoe Crook

Thank you Enjoy and it’s director, Emma Ng for organising this. We look forward to the next one on the other side of winter!






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