Free for you!

Tonight, we attended the launch of Hashtag500words​’s launch of the hard copy journal, free for all and their 2nd birthday party at FuzzyVibes.

Headed by Louisa Samantha Afoa​ Emil Dryburgh​ (one of the editors) Lana Lopesi​ (who designed the book) and Natasha Matila-Smith, this compilation is the first foray into publishing in addition to their online website:

Our director, Louise Tu’u​ contributed the first piece of writing, which is called, “Memorial of a meal”, as well as work from Sonia Aurelio​ Sarah Murphy​ Zoe Crooks Julian McKinnon​ Ines Valle Salome Tanuvasa​ and Faith Wilson​.

Here is Louise at the opening, celebrating with Rebecca Hobbs and Wiki Gillard.

To grab a copy, contact today!

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