Share/Cheat/Unite with Te Tuhi

Yesterday afternoon, we attended the innovative show, Share/Cheat/Unite, curated by Bruce E. Phillips (pictured below on the podium), opened at Te Tuhi.

Composed of three parts including a group show, a research initiative and a series of live offsite commissions, Share/Cheat/Unite poses questions regarding the human psyche and explores the more shifty of motives in the name of good or in this case, challenging invited artists who work directly with social relations.

The three-month long iteration of this show features artists such as Jonathan de Andrade, Darcell Apelu, Yu-Cheng Chou, Mark Harvey, Sasha Huber, Aníbal López, Ivan Mršić, John Vea, Hu Xiangqian, Vaughn Sadie & Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre and the mysterious YOUAREHEREWEAREHERE.

We particularly admire the long-term conversation that Share/Cheat/Unite is initiating, asas it will re-appear in 2017 with the same name in the Malcolm Smith Gallery, curated by  Balamohan Shingade.

A huge crowd was welcomed by Hiraani Himona, Te Tuhi’s CEO.

Natasha Matila-Smith’s Lonely Island billboard also was revealed yesterday as well as the announcement of the winner of the 2016 Iris Fisher Scholarship. Eddie Clemens’ Clone Cities sits in the eye of the storm.

Check out our photos of the shows here and head to one of the artists, Sasha Huber talk  about her work, “Dismantling Agassiz” this coming Tuesday at Elam Lecture Theatre in town.

Here is a snippet of one of the two live performances, featuring Ivan Mršić & the Share/Cheat/Unite orchestra.

Make sure you head to Te Tuhi and check out the works and performances for yourself.


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