Wondered where your rubbish goes and could go?

Today in getting rid of garden rubbish at the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre, we discovered a whole new world of where your rubbbish goes and where it could go.

Tucked in at Gate 5 is a truly awesome op shop and yard, filled with goodies.
Run by MPHS Community Trust, the Recycle Shop is an oasis of worthy pre-loved objects.
Here, you can offer items which you don’t want in the landfill (within reason people) and the Shop might take it.

Entry is free via the left lane.

One thought on “Wondered where your rubbish goes and could go?”

  1. This is great. I didn’t know it was there. I videoed similar footage last year – at the refuse station. They must wonder why people want to video their tip. Thanks for the info.

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