Haere rā Nikki and the Reuse store

For the past year, the wonderful Nikki has been running the Reuse store in Otahuhu, being a friendly and real face of helping rescue stuff everyday people throw out and selling a lot of these gears for a real bargain.

The store, which is officially called this:

has become known simply as the Reuse store or amongst locals as Nikki’s store.

High quality furniture, clothes, books, kitchenware, snowboards, plants and sundry goods have either come from the North Shore branch or been donated locally by so many kind souls and sold on to mainly locals and savvy op shoppers from further afield.

Due to financial constraints, the Reuse store will be closing in two weeks time.
This means that Nikki will be moving on.

Thank you Nikki for being an amazing and generous presence in the shop and sharing your expertise, passion and beautiful smile with us all.

Head there now, find a bargain and shout Nikki a cup of tea and cake before she leaves and the shop closes!

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