The Recovering Samoan

Manuia le tausaga fou/ Happy new year!

I am Louise Tu’u, director of We Should Practice and I have created a free and short audio resource called, “The Recovering Samoan: 5 tips to learning some Samoan words”. As a NZ-born non-fluent Samoan speaker, I’ve made a little something for people in my situation that is fast, actually helpful and FREE. You’ll also pick up 5 new and useful words in fa’aSamoa.

Here’s what I looked like, making it:

If you want to receive this audio, simply email me here:

We have written regularly about all things fellow non-fluent Samoans and the non-linear journeys of learning your ancestral lingo here: Check it out today.

Fa’afetai tele lava/ Many thanks

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