7th and final Auckland Mayoral Player – John Lehmann

Introducing our major project, Auckland Mayoral Players 2022, which looks at seven of the declared Auckland Mayoralty candidates for this year and their favourite playgrounds in Auckland. These video clips will be dropping every couple of days this week and the next, so please check out our website regularly.

In July, our director, Louise Tu’u, invited all of the declared candidates to be part of this project. Nine responded with the final seven, sharing their playground and why it means a lot to them. Here is an opportunity to show a different side of each candidate’s campaign and humanising them as people.

Please vote for the upcoming elections when your postal papers come.

If you haven’t registered, you can do this via special vote now by calling 0800 367656 before Friday 7th October, 2022. The mayoral election is the very next day: 8th October. Head here for more information.

John Lehmann and our director, Louise Tu’u at Musick Point. Selfie by John!

Come and enjoy our seventh and final clip below with mayoralty candidate, John Lehmann, at Musick Point in Bucklands Beach. Thanks heaps to John Lehmann for being great to work with and Louise’s wonderful family for their support.

(Please note the order of these clips arriving here is due to the order of filming each candidate, nothing else).

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