Coffee and Cameras with PASC

This morning, we attended a super informal, friendly and informative session on the latest cameras, initiated by Director of Photography, camera operator and lovely person, Daryl Wong (photo below).

Daryl saw a need for screen practitioners who might be intimidated by film cameras and decided to set up a room full of them and he and other friendly and experienced camera people to answer questions, field anxieties about what they do and how to work with them and meet other like minded people. We learnt a lot and even to relax around some of the smaller cameras i.e. the RED, not the ARRI cameras.

Fa’afetai tele lava/唔該/ 多謝/धन्यवाद/ 感谢 to PASC (Pan-Asian Screen Collective) for hosting this excellent event and to all the wonderful people we met.

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