Ghosting all-rounder

Sean Curham’s latest shows, “Ghosting – Part 4: Hunting” on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 June, followed by “Ghosting – Part 5: Test” on Saturday 18 June were performed at the Old Folks Hall, Gundry St in Newton. We attended the Thursday and Saturday shows and were amazed by the extremes: in performance, duration and audience endurance.

The illusion of choice and of it being in the hands of the audience members dominated Thursday’s show. Anna Bate and Mike Holland performed sections which ended with three ticks from audience members who wanted the section to end, which was ultimately arbitrated by Sean. The tasks were skillfully performed by the duo and ranged in complexity, risk and pace.

Saturday’s show incorporated  “Ghosting – Pt 2: Cabaret”, which was performed earlier this year and “Ghosting – Pt 4: Hunting” . These two were performed simultaneously inside the Old Folks Hall and projected live to the audience on the outside walls, with nominated people asked to respond by talking into two microphones. The parameters of this outdoor part were loose, as the exercise became “open mic” with responses varying in tone, intellect and appropriateness.

“Ghosting – Part 5: Test” was restless and exposed the audience for the sheep that we are. We are looking forward to Sean’s final instalment of the series, “Ghosting – Part 6“. Check out our website later in the year for information on how you can become a better person by booking for this show.

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