Thank you for YOUR Providence

Many thanks to you who came to Providence. Your thoughts, feedback and support mean a lot to us and our practice.

So big ups to Joshua, Zia, Mark, Rochelle, Joe Jowitt, Hannah and Rachel Johanson, Ria Simmons, Jo and Mark Johnson, Louise, Jon and Caterina, Grant Thompson, Jeremy and Bernadette, Te Oti, his lovely partner and Madeleine, Brent and Ross, Johnny Brough, Mark and Maria, Kelvin & Minna, Lynne & friend, Carla van Zon, Murray Edmond, Nisha & Stephen, John Radford, Kristian and Georgia, Alyx and Kezia, Mike Holland, Julie and Neil, Katie and Josh, Christina Houghton (Thanks too for the DVD!) and everyone else who we may have forgotten in our blindness and post-show madness. Thank you to those who supported us in our last season at the Basement all those moons ago and those who also kindly came to our previews: Rachel & Kerry, Sam, Neil. Your collective wisdom and love made this current season the success that it is.

Special thanks to Kate Burton, our awesome technical guru, Bonnie Burrill who was the production salve, New Performance team and staff at the EDGE and to the wonderful actors pictured above, Lara Fischel-Chisholm and Regan Taylor. You guys rock the party!

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