Unendlicher Spaß for you

On Saturday and Sunday, Hebbel am Ufer Theater premiered one of its most ambitious projects ever: UNENDLICHER SPAß/Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

Why two days you may ask? Because the subtitle of this particular show is 24 Stunden durch den Utopischen Westen/24 Hours through the Utopian West.

Unendlicher Spaß is one of the two farewell projects that celebrate the end of Matthias Lilienthal´s tenure as Hebbel am Ufer´s artistic director. Scale, space and spectacle are all manipulated, harnessed and dissected through the passing of time through some of west Berlin´s extraordinary architectural offerings, similar to Lilienthal´s thorough and genuine investigation of contemporary issues that unlike most theatre, are not solely concerned with bums on seats or “entertainment”.

Highlights built and born in the work are the Umlaufkanal whose distinctively pink hues immediately conjure up visions of internal organs, Gob Squad, Haus des Rundfunks, Chris Kondek, Finanzamt Reinickendorf and Anna Viebrock, whose durational incarceration of the audience was astounding. All eight shows have already sold out but you know what they say in the theatre and in life: get in line.

Our director, Louise Tu’u is involved in this work, working in the dramaturgy department by regularly updating the production script and assisting choreographer Jeremy Wade.

In keeping with the circulation theme of the Umlaufkanal and circumstances beyond our technical and iPhoto´s knowledge, please tilt your head to the left to view dramaturg Kathrin Veser´s explanation of how this place works.

Click here for photos of the tour. Wir bedanken uns Kathrin, Johanna, die großartige Caro, Silke und Elisabeth und die US team.

We´ll let you guess who the dude in yellow is.

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