Informal Performance discussion series starts this week

Ever wondered what performers get up to when they’re not performing?What the Old Folks Association hall looks like

Aside from brushing their teeth, having showers and paying rent like the rest of us, all will be revealed over the next five weeks, beginning this Friday night.

Come and join awesome performer/the dude who put it together Sean Curham as he talks to performers such as Brent Harris, Victoria Wynne-Jones, Maria O’Connor, Mark Harvey and others.

All sessions are casual events, without abstracts and sleepless nights of preparation.

Best of all, they are FREE, brief (one hour max) with cheap refreshments available for purchase.


Come and join us for the first session with Carol Brown and Phil Dadson this Friday the 28th at 5.30-6.30pm at the Old Folks Association Hall, 8 Gundry St in Newton.


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