Be blown away by Digital Winds

Tonight, we are still buzzing from the crazy, hilarious and emotive work of Iaheto Ah Hi‘s Digital Winds at Mangere Arts Centre.Go Baked and Hashed!

So many talented people onstage including Maxwell Siulangapo, Victoria Schmidt, Aisea Latu, Paris Fifita, Darren Taniue, GiantKilla and Billy Revell.

We totally LOVED the band so big ups to Fereti Asofa-Solomona, Ahke Taukolo, Anna Simati and Demetrius Savai’inaea.

Those talented people offstage were the co-directors and real-life husband and wife Leilani Clarke and Iaheto Ah Hi.

Tomorrow is closing night at 7.30pm so book now.

As Petalz would say, “Don’t forget the magic”.

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