Kiss the Fish

Open, generous and hilarious.

We know ... literal image but sweet, don't ya think?

That’s how we felt the performance, performers and the audience found Indian Ink‘s latest triumph, Kiss the Fish, currently playing in Q’s Rangatira Theatre.

We definitely appreciated the bawdy humour that is really strong in this particular show and marvelled at the fantastic performances from Nisha Madhan, Jacob Rajan, Julia Croft, James Roque and the sole performer onstage the whole time, music guru Dave Ward. We also got to meet the director, Justin Lewis in the flesh and tell him what we thought.

On for only one more week and they are almost sold out. Don’t wanna scare ya, just don’t cry if you don’t make it in because you didn’t book… so book now!

One thought on “Kiss the Fish”

  1. I went to see this play and it is FANTASTIC BRILLIANT and all this on a simple stage and just a few actors, that is what made it so special for me Adith

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