Thank you An Anthem of Hope cast and Physics Room!!!

We were blown away by the sheer generosity, talent and amazingness of our cast for An Anthem of Hope, which we performed tonight and our wonderful hosts, The Physics Room for inviting us to make this brand new work onsite.

The wonderful cast are comprised below from left to right: Brendon Bennetts, John Chrisstoffels, Tom Vavasour, Audrey Baldwin, our director Louise Tu’u and Eve Barlow. Besides being great people, we were totally stoked to have these performers, as they all are active and practising performance artists in Christchurch so bringing their experiences to the work was a massive stroke of genius and luck from the universe.

What a stellar cast!

Also, big ups to the equally good-looking audience, especially those who remained for the crazy games afterwards.

Thank you to Elle and Melanie from the Physics Room, our documentation gurus Grace and Daegan, the fabulous Sharon Mazer for helping us with rehearsal space and to our awesome friends, Mirabel and Gareth, who have looked after us so much during our stay this week.

Please come to our artist talk with Brent Harris and Elle Loui August  at the Physics Room at 3pm tomorrow.

If you weren’t there, here’s some of the goodness you missed…

One thought on “Thank you An Anthem of Hope cast and Physics Room!!!”

  1. Thanks for yesterday! Sorry for not being able to come along today, but maybe we can coffee in Auckland next week…?

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