An affair to remember

View from mere mortals

After our awesome season at the Physics Room, we were able to kick back and attend Zina Swanson‘s performance, “Can anybody hear me?” at Victoria Square.

The peace and wise thoughts of a willow soon became apparent.

We also marvelled at David Cross‘ latest creation, “Powerslide”.

On the other side of town of a cosy flat stands Glove of Idle Bone. Gallerist Tim Middleton has literally opened his home for artists to exhibit in the front room, with Glove’s third exhibition coming from Keir Leslie, titled “Backchannels”


We then time travelled to Shabby Chic Market in Woolston, which is a fantastic way to get your vintage groove on. With a wide variety of high-quality stalls, selling clothes, antiques, bric-a-brac, as well as artisan breads, pastries and lollies, you had better come early as the market here at Rochester Villa gets quite crowded really fast.

Hear ye hear ye!

You can even borrow a sunhat while you are there, really useful considering the harsh New Zealand sun.

Thank you CHC for being you. We had a ball!

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