Peauty and the Peaches = Sai E Reunion

We completely forgot about the horrible wind and rain that has descended upon Auckland tonight because we were lucky enough to see, “Sai E Reunion” by Lolo Fonua at Mangere Arts Centre.


The witty and outrageously funny show has a stellar cast, headed  by Loma Teisi, playing the naive migrant Mele, with her plastic NZ-born cousins, Salote (Rosalind Tui) and Peti (Shauntelle Ono, pictured above in the ta’ovala). Una Unce Funaki and Leki Bourke Jackson complete the cast with their unforgettable characters of Aunty Lahi and Roger/Dude from Hell.

The show has a limited season of TWO MORE nights so do yourself and buy a ticket now.

Otherwise, as Mele says to Salote, you’re just a peach.

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