The coming comoonity

Papakura Arts Gallery right now


Today’s insanely hot and windy weather created a wonderful backdrop for the latest show at Papakura Art Gallery’s last exhibition for 2013, as if you were bringing back dust from the moon.

Curated by Tracey Williams, the show whose title harks from Anna Jackson‘s poem, Homecoming showcases suburban moments from Clinton Watkins, Kate Small, Monique Redmond, Andrea Lowe, Ruth Cleland, Edith Amituanai, Jude Broughan, Katrina Edwards,  Ling-wei Chiang, all silent except for Louisa Afoa’s work, whose compelling audio soundscape continues to captivate the listener, long beyond the last frame.

The artist Louisa Afoa

Here is Louisa, who we had the pleasure of chatting with.

Find more of her work here.

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