Manaia lou Chop Suey Hui

Last night, we had an AWESOME time at the Kava Club’s Chop Suey Hui.Ana sets us up for failure Manoa speaks After the clean-up

A gathering of Maori and Pasifika creatives at 17 Tory St, the speeches by Manoa, Shane, Julie and Norm, Ta’i, Evander and Joel were short, sassy and enlightening. We really enjoyed meeting new and lovely people and sampling the sumptuous sapasui or chop suey, moa, falaoa and Ta’i’s Island mayonnaise salaki.

We particularly loved the transparency of the physical space and motives of the Kava Club.

Our camera battery died thus the blurry photos. Here are some pics of the wonderful people from top to bottom:

Herbee and Shane


Manoa, speaking with Nina’s body in focus

The clean-up

One of the Kava Club and Chop Suey Hui founders, Leilani.

Spot you at the next one! Leilani looks on

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