Behind closed doors at Te Papa Tongarewa…

…is amongst many great things, an AMAZING collection of Pacific artefacts.

Hiapo from Niue

We were super lucky to have the awesome Grace Hutton, Collection Manager at Te Papa Tongarewa, show us around and explain the histories of how these goodies from around the Pacific, came to be here in the collection, covered in tyvek, resting in acid-free boxes or just hanging. Giving informative and experienced tours is only one part of Grace’s job, as well as making sure the collection is accurately registered and photographed, items stored appropriately, organising loans and making artefacts available for exhibitions. A close connection with Grace’s Cook Island heritage and her strong involvement with the community cannot be underestimated in Grace’s success.

The lovely Grace with an outfit from the islands

Fa’afetai tele lava Grace mo lau alofa ma taimi.

Check out this Tongan bling below.


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