8mm/16mm film processing workshop

Today, we enjoyed ourselves and delved into the world of developing 8mm/16mm film by hand with Montreal-based film artist Alexandre Larose (pictured below left with participant Andrew Wilson) Fun with Bolex! Organised by CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand, this workshop was hosted at AUT and is the first workshop of CIRCUIT’s symposium, A Geneology of Moving Practice, which starts this coming Sunday. This workshop also had CIRCUIT’s director Mark Williams and filmmaker and AUT Senior Art & Design Lecturer Nova Paul present. It enabled the five practitioners, including our director, Louise Tu’u, to shoot, develop and handle the Bolex cameras and 8mm/16mm films themselves with amazing results. Check out the processes here.

Thank you to CIRCUIT, AUT, Alexandre Larose, Nova, Mark and the other participants for making it an awesome workshop! With Andrew

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