Edward & Son

Today, we ventured into this incredibly sunny and humid day to the wonderful Edward & Son one day art market at the singular Auckland Old Folks Hall in Newton.

Fantastic time with Edward & Son!

We caught up with old friends Eimi Tamua (pictured below) and Andrea Gaskin (pictured above in the middle), who conceived and have held various iterations for almost a decade around different community spaces in Auckland.

Andrea is also one half of Connect the Dots, who create opportunities such as, “Girls to the Front”,  which are free art workshops for girls aged 10-14. Here, they are encouraged to explore issues and utilise a wide range of creative techniques and processes, which are facilitated by professional artists.

Results of this have seen a lot of the young women gain confidence in expressing themselves through art, develop leadership and teamwork skills and be at ease with their skills at a critical age before the pressures of high school and puberty take over.

With live music, fantastic local art, Eimi’s pop-up cafe and free art-making workshops, we treated ourselves to these early Christmas gifts below by Judy Darragh and Zena Dawson.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Edward & Son fête!


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