Shot Bro

Tonight, we are still processing Rob Mokaraka’s autobiographical tour-de-force solo show, “Shot Bro” at the Basement Theatre.

Dealing with his demons of depression in such a public yet personal manner led us through the incredible shades of his self-described “50 shades of cray-cray”, reviews throughout the show of how Shot Bro was being received in theatres, marae and prisons to the affirming messages of  ‘seeing people’ for what they were carrying and helping others with compassion and aroha/alofa/love.

Sitting in the forum afterwards, hearing how the mahi affected them and sharing together in karakia and kai solidified on what we had all experienced ourselves and relate to people we knew in similar situations to Rob.

Thank you Rob and your team of director Erina Daniels and producer Moana Davey for your amazing medication of hope, despair and light.


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