Reclaim yourself at Basement Theatre

We’re still humming Lizzo and in awe of functional clitoracy, due to FAFSWAG’s Elyssia Wilson-Heti’s slamming show, Reclamation, which opened on Friday night.

Watching four complete, staunch and savvy Oceanic womxn, Vaimala Urale Baker, Ria Hiroki, Falencie Filipo and Wilson-Heti herself strut, spit and slide all over Basement Theatre’s floor was completely riveting.

Proud to say our director Louise Tu’u was dramaturg for the work and another salient Pacific woman, Jahra Rager Wasalasala was the movement madam for the work.

10 more shows so please book here to enjoy and be schooled for yourself:

Tai tele lava ia Tanu Gago and Nisha Madhan for the invitation xx

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