Performing the Margins is now OUT OF PRINT!!!!

Today, we sold the last two copies of director Louise Tu’u’s book, “Performing the Margins: An Anthem of Hope”, detailing the eponymous show, “An Anthem of Hope” which Louise created and directed at the Physics Room in Christchurch in October 2013.

This means this book is now out of print.

Almost two years ago, the limited edition of 100 was launched at the Physics Room and then at Artspace in Auckland, with eight of those copies donated to designer Amy Yalland’s archives at INDEX, meant that 92 have been sold to local, national and international libraries at universities, high schools, performance conservatories and super supportive and awesome individuals and friends who bought a copy or three.

Tai tele lava to all who supported, especially Sue Gardiner at the Chartwell Trust who funded the creation of the book; the dynamic team at Physics Room: Jamie Hanton, Hope Wilson and Fiona Simpson; designer Amy Yalland, INDEX and Jonty Valentine; reviewers Katerina Teaiwa, and Louise’s aiga potopoto, especially her partner Brent Harris.

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