Period poverty and what to do about it

On Saturday morning just gone, we were stoked to be part of Sustainable Papakura’s free Reusable Menstruation Pad making workshop.

The wonderful and patient Alida and Sue showed an eager group of women how to make these pads, with every participant, leaving having made a pad of their choice.

The startling fact that a young girl from the beginning of her menstruation cycle will spend almost $40,000 NZD on mostly disposable pads, tampons, cups and similar products highlights the incredibly expensive cost having a period is in the real world.

One way of helping is making a reusable pad yourself by using free or paid patterns, easily found online and/or gifting one to a young girl or woman you know who will need.

Another way is to lobby your local board (They’re brand new as of last Saturday so they’re eager and have heaps to prove!) about what they are doing about a serious issue that affects 50% of the population.

If you’re free on Saturday 2nd November, get your ticket here for the Aotearoa Period Poverty Hui.
Tickets range from $79-99 so if that’s unaffordable, email Sarah Mikkelsen:

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