Where to go for food in this time

Yesterday marked the end of Easter. In these times of lockdown, it seems like another day.

However, if you are low on food and struggling to pay the bills, the isolation and social distancing can make this worse.

We want to share information for those who have been unable to access additional food and budgeting services in these times in south Auckland, especially as some community pataka have been closed and face-to-face services are impossible.

Foodbank deets 1

Foodbank deets 2

These two forms outline the generosity of the following organisations: St Marks Church in Pakuranga, Presbyterian Support Northern, MoaLunches, Papakura Marae Foodbank, Rawiri Community House in Wiri, Manukau Urban Maori Authority (MUMA) and especially The Fono.

Family friends of ours recently experienced their significant help with one of The Fono’s Whanau Ora COVID-19 Relief packages, which targets specifically Pasifika/Pacific families who are in need of food parcels, funds to help with paying bills, support to work and study from home and medical support.

Here are photos of the help, which enabled this family to enjoy Easter:

Our friends want to thank Ana Aitcheson, Maka, Sonia and their colleagues for making this happen.





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