Catch us on Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan this Wednesday on Radio New Zealand!

Hola lovely peoples!

Tune into a very down-to-earth and popular radio show called, “Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan” this Wednesday on Radio New Zealand at 2.25pm (GMT+12) and you’ll hear our director, Louise Tu’u, talk about her favourite shows, music and movies.

She will also promo her book and shout out to Mele Wendt, Leilani Visesio A I’iga-Pua, Ryan Timoko-Benjamin, Chloe Davison, Narrow Gauge and Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath with their wonderful contributions to “We Fit the Criteria: Plays by Louise Tu’u”.

Spot you then and thank you Amelia Langford for asking!




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